10 ways to spot a recruitment Dinosaur

I wrote an article for Personnel Today last week about Agencyosaurus.  Following on, how do you spot Agencyosaurus?

  1. They were recruiting BEFORE mobile phones.
  2. They have used a Rolodex.
  3. Their hair is not the same colour now as when they started recruiting (if they have any).
  4. They talk about how many recessions they have seen.
  5. They class themselves as “seasoned professionals”.
  6. They tell you the stories of 30% placement fees/temp margins.
  7. Their desk has a Top 10 tray.
  8. When asked to “Reduce the fee” they go weak at the knees and mumble on about value.
  9. They go on about how “recruiters today don't……”
  10. They still wear a suit and tie to the office.
Have any more?  Think you fit the mould? And don't worry; I fall into most of the above so enjoy this post rather than get all defensive

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