10 ways to survive a hot commute

1. Avoid where possible – work from home if you can

2. Again, where possible, time your commute to miss the rush hour

3. Take plenty of water with you. Don’t assume that you can buy it at the station – everyone else will think the same.

4. If you have to take public transport, avoid the area around the door on the train/ bus. Again, everyone else will be there and any benefits you might have won through occasional blasts of ‘fresh’ air will be outweighed by the crush.

5. Distract yourself. If you’re in a crowd, you won’t have space to read, but listening to something good will help take your mind off the fact that your nose is wedged in a stranger’s armpit.

6. Workplace facilities permitting, wear casual clothes for the journey and change once you get there. The lucky few will be able to shower at work.

7. Leave home in plenty of time. Arriving at the station/ bus stop hot and bothered will only make the main part of the commute worse.

8. Put your own wellbeing before work demands. If the train looks too crowded, wait for the next one. Or if you’re already on it and getting too hot and uncomfortable, just get off and wait.

9. Change your journey. Swap the bus for part of your usual train journey if you can. Or take the train rather than the tube. While it make take longer, it may well be more