5 Things Humans Can Learn From Puppies

Boy, its been awhile since I posted. I have been extremely busy and have really let the blog slide so I need to get back on track!

I just got a new puppy, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel whom I named Oliver. He is so adorable and sweet. He spends most of his day keeping me company on a pillow that I have placed next to the computer on my desk. When he isn’t sleeping he is running around the house, playing with my other dogs, exploring, sitting on laps, and generally spreading joy and fun wherever he goes. As I watch him grow and learn it occurred to me that adult humans can learn a thing or two from puppies.

1. If you fall down, get back up and keep going.

Oliver is very quick and spry; sometimes I don’t even hear or see him coming until he has smashed into a door I am opening. The other day he ran head-on into a door just as I was opening it. I don’t know how he didn’t get a concussion. He didn’t cry or whine. He just got up, wagged his tail and followed me out the door. As we get older I think most of us indulge ourselves in some time to complain or be upset about things that go wrong – maybe we should try to bounce right up and keep going instead of wasting precious time feeling sorry for ourselves. Easier said than done of course.

2. Enthusiasm is contagious.

Oliver pops out of bed every morning with an excitement and enthusiasm that makes me smile even though I am in desperate need of caffeine before I can start my day. I can’t help it. He is excited about the day so I start my day with a smile. People who walk into a room with a genuine (not fake) smile and who seem happy tend to elicit the same attitude from those with whom they interact. It can be difficult sometimes but happy spreads happy.

3. Forgive and forget.

Oliver and my two other dogs, Rusty and Kodiak, are adjusting to each other. There is a lot of toy and rawhide stealing going on in the house now. Sometimes Kodiak, who weighs about 90 pounds, just walks right up to Oliver and takes a toy out of his mouth. Oliver always looks confused but he doesn’t get mad and he continues to try to become friends with Kodiak. And Kodi is warming to him and is spending less time playing with Oliver’s toys and more time playing with his own. I am not a believer that anyone should take a lot of crap from anyone else but in certain situations taking the high road is a really good way to go.

4. Every day brings the possibilty of new adventures.

Every time we try a new activity like riding in the car, walking to the park, or meeting a new person, Oliver reacts with all the enthusiasm you would expect from a puppy. It’s just good to remember that every day we are alive we have the option to enthusiastically take on new adventures, challenges, and activities with a positive attitude.

5. Opening showing those you love how you feel is a good thing.

What can I say? Puppy hugs and kisses are fantastic and make every day better. Make sure the people you care about realize their importance in your life every day because life is short. Oliver’s obvious love for me makes me so happy every day even when I am having a crummy day.

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