A look back at a week's work experience

Hi, I am Jessica.  At the beginning of the week I wrote a blog about what I wanted to achieve at the end of my week’s work experience.  Today is my last day and I have really enjoyed my time at Personnel Today, I feel this week has been really beneficial to me and I have finally managed to decide that this is the career path that I want to follow.

This work experience has definitely given me an idea of what working in this industry involves. It has helped me improve my English and media skills, but most of all I think it has helped me improve my ICT skills. Before I started this work experience I had never used an Apple Mac, now I have managed to use one to create professional looking feature pages. It has helped me realise that I should not drop ICT as a subject at school and if I cannot keep all four of my subjects then I may be better off dropping psychology.

This work experience has also helped me realise that I don’t mind working in an office environment and can work well without getting bored or distracted. Lastly I have really enjoyed this break from school, I am dreading having to go back to school and sit listening to my teachers lecturing me about exams and coursework.

I have had a great experience here, and everyone has been very friendly and helpful, I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped me get the most out of this placement, especially Tara. I will definitely go away recommending this placement to anyone who is in the same situation I was before I took it up.