A Pink Slip Party?

Why not? That’s exactly what our ancestors did during the Great Depression! At first glance we wonder what we who are laid off have to party about. Well in the 1930’s neighbors had rent parties. Some brought food because others were hungry; all brought small amounts of money because the host needed assistance with the rent and thus the name.

Recently I heard of a church that, when calling for those unemployed folks to come to the front to receive prayer, others began to spontaneously walk to a table and submit a check or small amounts of cash. When the music stopped $50,000 had been donated.

I also witnessed a family forced to sell its furniture and clothes on EBay to feed their children. A woman in Texas purchased all apparel and household goods for $20,000. They got paid but once delivered, she sent everything all back to them as her gift. She begged them to allow her blessing and they did.

So what is a Pink Slip Party? Well central Ohio will host one and Worthington Career Services will be there to help candidates improve their resumes and interviewing. Our gift to the community. But the main event will be the job seekers, recruiters and employers who will be there to make a difference. There is an admission fee. See ya there!

When:March 4, 2009

Where: Confluence Park (formerly The River Club),

679 W. Spring St.,

Columbus, OH 43203

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