A Tale of Pete, Leo, Jaime, Debbie

Last week we saw unemployment drop from 9.5% to 9.4%. For those who think this is no big deal let me assure you that career experts are the first to see the difference!

And so we have Pete, Leo, Jaime and Debbie our most recent clients to accept job offers. Here are their stories.

Pete, Regional Vice President – With a strong sales management background, Pete came from the telecommunications industry. A strong business developer he waged a job search with the same veracity that he made sales calls in his early days. As with most 6-figure executives it took several months but then Pete went on to secure two job offers. We’ll get back to Pete in a moment.

Leo, District Manager – He used to work for Pete before they both were down-sized. Remember those two job offers Pete received? Regretfully he couldn’t accept them both so he recommended Leo. On the recommendation of a candidate who turned a job down, the second company interviewed and hired Pete’s colleague. A good lesson in not burning bridges.

Jamie, Project Manager. She worked for a company for enough years that when she was down-sized her technology has become obsolete. She networked extensively and was advised by a technology leader to find an internship in the specific technology she lacked. She did and recently revisited that technology executive with her time in and her expertise in tact. He hired her!

Debbie, Administrative Assistant- Sadly she didn’t get the job. But knowing for a fact that the company had a 90 day probationary period she kept in touch. The company had since found out that one admin wasn’t enough. Debbie starts Monday.

So as the job market begins to improve… and it is improving… stick to the basics, don’t burn bridges and go back to those who provided wisdom and assistance. There’s a Pete, Leo, Jamie and Debbie waiting to help you!

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