Aberdeen Group Report: HR Exec’s Guide to Web 2.0

I read the above report yesterday/today and was pleased to see some of the evidence that supports the views of various people (including me) around the importance of using social media as part of your talent management strategy.

You do need to register (and maybe pay) to get a copy of the report but here are what I consider to be the key points.

Aberdeen web 20 tools pre and post hire

Aberdeen web 20 tools impact on engagement 

These were the key recommendations for all organisations:

  1. If you have yet to start (with web 2.0), begin now.
  2. Establish metrics and monitor regularly.
  3. Define the “why” behind your web 2.0 efforts.

Laggard Organisations Steps to Success:

  1. Provide training and support for users.
  2. Get on board with social networking before your talent leaves the station.
  3. Identify and connect your experts.

Industry Average Organisations Steps to Success:

  1. Enroll senior leaders as Web 2.0 champions.
  2. Get the organisation talking.
  3. Adopt Web 2.0 tools across the talent management life cycle.

Best-in-Class Organisations Steps to Success

  1. Integrate Web 2.0 into succession planning.
  2. Extend your networks to company alumni.
  3. If you've mastered the basics, look to the leading edge!

You can get a copy of the full report (which I would recommend) by CLICKING HERE.  You will as a minimum need to register.  In the meantime, I have some further research to add around UK companies implementing internal Web 2.0 tools which I will publish on here.

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