And I thought I was controversial – Peter Weddle goes that bit further

Seems Peter Weddle has upset a few people with his blog post The Great SCAM in Recruiting stating that “social recruiting” is a SCAM and will not be of any value until 2014.  He even includes Linkedin as a site that won’t be any value until 2014!

Not surprisingly there have been a few comments and response posts such as Peter Weddle Owes A Lot Of People Apologies with plenty of comments.

There are many aspects of recruiting that won’t change as quickly such
as the human interaction bit but, no matter which bits we think are the
future history shows that as a human race we constantly change, adapt
and die.

Maybe the old man needs the attention. Maybe he’s had a senile moment.  Or maybe he is just an age old recruiter who is scared of change and cannot understand when it’s time to see the future.  Who knows, he may even be right!!

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