Are you a Master Recruiter?

Some people think of “the system” as their recruitment system which is fair enough. I am thinking about a lot more than just the ATS.

McDonalds is a hamburger joint to most people but to McDonalds Corporation it is the “system”. The end result just happens to be burgers and fries but Michael E. Gerber, author of the E-Myth, argues that having a system such as this will work for any business. A lot of what he says makes sense for recruitment.

So here’s my take on it for recruitment. Recruitment is a system. Very few people do it well and very few do anything that different. Those that do well pretty much do the same as each other. You don’t have to have a big well known brand to be a successful recruiter as big or small your challenges will be the same, just different obstacles in your way.

Where we have worked with clients who have problems, we have just copied what we did before and it worked. Different job title or sector but the principles are the same. Simplifies it I know but it's the truth. 

But corporate recruiting is like a small coffee shop pre-Starbucks. They all just do the same because they all just do the same. No real reason to change until now. The economy has forced recruiters to do more for less. Agencies and job boards can no longer be relied on as recruiting budgets have been slashed. People are less inclined to swap jobs due to market uncertainties. Those that do change are doing a lot more research and getting the opinions of other people inside and outside the organisation. Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook. People they know, people they don’t know. The last person they ask is you.

Sending an e-mail won’t guarantee you a response as great people are inundated. Friend them, follow them, text them, chase them. You have to work hard to even make contact with decent candidates; and that’s before they even start to apply for a job, the right job.

People want to know more and they expect to do a lot less to get the answers i.e. they won’t apply first just to get answers. Recruiters still have to recruit; they have less money but more options. So many people forget the basics and go chasing after the shiny new toys just to be seen to be doing the right thing.

The System has to have nuts and bolts as well as glass and mirrors. Nuts and bolts are not very exciting but the glass smashes to the floor without the nuts and bolts. One cannot survive without the other. On their own they do nothing; together they deliver beauty. Your recruitment system working like a well oiled machine will help you hire the best people. The best people will transform your business. A transformed business will succeed.

Recruitment is the oil in the engine; no matter how powerful, how efficient, how advanced – no oil; no engine.

I ask you again.  Are you a Master Recruiter?

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Originally posted here: Hire Strategies UK