Automating your Twitter account can be good. Really.

I said it.  You can automate your Twitter feeds and not bother having any conversations with people on Twitter.  No longer do you need to be tied to your Twitter account responding and commenting on every sip of coffee, bite of toast, moment of woe……. Of course the social media police will be after my login and the social media experts/gurus/consultants/know-it-alls will decry me as some kind of anti-Twitter and burn my profile at the s(tw)ake.  But life goes on.

But let me put this in context. 

There are no social media rules.  We are all making it up as we go along.  Put some operational reality around it.  In a recent post on SMT Best Buy asks the wrong question on Facebook the author Maggie McGarry berates Best Buy for taking down their post due to the negative comments (racist and aggressive).  Whereas YouTube have left very nasty, hated filled, racist and aggressive comments against this video of an ex-ASDA employee damaging stock.  Surely this kind of comment stream should be removed?  Why should large organisations have to “suffer” in silence just because social media God's say so.

On TwiTip David Wright writes his post Six Quick Ways to Becoming a Twitter Pariah which is amusing and scarily accurate of some people.  Alan Weiss (@BentleyGTCSpeed) has 1,100+ followers but follows 0 people.  Andrew Badera took great offence to this and ranted somewhat because Alan did not follow the rules.  Read his post: Alan Weiss on Twitter: Consultant's Syndrome? Or just a jerk at work?

Do it this way, that way, not too much, not too little, here and there, not there and here, slower, faster, less often, more often.  No surprise people are confused or, scared of the SMP (Social Media Police).

So I use Twitterfeed to automate posts.  If I am finding useful information anyway why can I not share it at the same time?  I post my blog posts to Twitter, Friendfeed and Facebook so why not post other information to Twitter?  Why do I have to always “be there” to be adding value.  I don't.  If I post crap then that's for me to sort it out and if I don't then people will stop reading what I post.  If an employer wants a simple job feed then do it.

Ultimately, you dip your toe into the social media world and try your best.  You'll make mistakes; we all do.  The experts don't always have the answer and neither do your customers.  You have to make your own decisions.  Gather up some people who know from experience and offer guidance and support but at the end of the day it's your brand.  So when taking advice get some evidence and honesty.  There will not always be an exact ROI but evidence of what is being done and by the many is easy to find.

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