Back in Action — A Day in the Life

Thanks to everyone who sent get-well wishes while I was suffering in my sick bed.  I swear that my last blog post was not a ploy for sympathy, but it was nice to get some!

And thanks to the good people at O Desk, who included this blog in their list of Top Freelancing Blogs.  I am a big fan of oDesk and have hired several talented people through them. Check oDesk out if you’re a freelancer or contractor or someone who hires freelancers or contractors.

I am finally feeling like a functioning human again and have managed to start digging out of my pile of unanswered emails and unfinished to-do lists.

Thank goodness for the weekend. I have started looking forward to weekends for different reasons these days — the opportunity to catch up on work without the distractions of emails and calls and meetings. That may sound a little pathetic, but don’t feel too bad for me. I still find time to have some fun (usually).  Plus, now that I work for myself, I can take time to have some fun on occasional weekdays too.

And now that I’ve emerged from my haze of fever and DayQuil, I can see how lucky I am to have such an interesting (if often overwhelming) career.  One of my complaints about working in Corporate America was that I was frequently bored. I had plenty to do, but rarely felt truly challenged or stiumlated by the work. Now, I can’t remember what boredom felt like.  I wear so many hats these days that there’s always something interesting that requires my attention. This comes with its own challenges and burnout potential (I think my recent bout with strep throat was my body’s way of telling me to chill out for a few days already).

Anyway, I’m excited to have a typically busy day ahead of me again.   I am spending my morning working on articles and some corporate client deliverables.  Later, I have a career coaching session with a client preparing for a big interview. Then, it’s off to lunch with a fellow career counselor followed by a meeting about an upcoming career workshop that I’m organizing.  Later in the afternoon, I’m speaking on a panel at the New York Round Table Writer’s Conference and sticking around to hear the amazing Wally Lamb’s keynote speech. Finally, I’ll dash off to attend a Tribeca Film Festival screening and write a review.

It’s going to be a full day — just the kind of day that I love. I’m so grateful to finally have the energy to run around again that I won’t even complain about hauling my laptop up and down 20 sets of subway station stairs in high heels over the course of the day.

I know that all of my fellow entrepreneurs and freelancers can relate. What are you doing today?

Is your schedule  jam-packed or are you playing hooky?  And did you know that the term “playing hooky” is said to come from the Dutch word “hoekje,” which means “hide and seek”? Thank you, Urban Dictionary.

Whatever your plans, I wish you a fantastic Friday.

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