Bad service: blame HR

World Cup

When David Beckham scores the winning goal in the 89th minute of the 2010 World Cup from one of his famous free kicks he will be the hero of the England (again). 

Or will Fabio Capello be seen as the real hero for having the vision and leadership to use such an ageing star when most people thought his time with England was over?  Or would it go as far back to the person who appointed Sven-Göran Eriksson as the first foreign England Manager as without this initial step, would we have Capello right now?  Of course I am assuming/hoping/praying we will win the World Cup!

Business is the same.  Often the hero's come out of a business because of a great people strategy driven from the top often by an enlightened CEO but pushed hard by a great HRD.  HR get a lot of flak for being poor commercial contributors and the In-House Recruitment Team often fare no better.  But here's my view.

Without great people a business will not reach its' potential and as long as recruitment is seen as a stop-gap role, they will not attract and hire great people purely because the company does not take recruitment seriously.  It's all well and good having a top level talent management strategy but without feeding people in at the grass roots level TM can only go so far.  

So next time you get poor service blame HR but when you get great service, thank the Ops Director as that's they way it tends to go.  Or maybe, look where it all started – a simple job advert maybe?

That's my birthday soap box bit for today!

Original post: Hire Strategies UK