Beware unscrupulous recruiters

Recently, I have had several candidates tell me that their resumes have been submitted widely without their permission.  These candidates have been disappointed and embarrassed that this has occurred.  For this reason (and for many others that I won’t go into here), I believe it is very important to choose wisely when selecting a recruiter.

When you are introducing yourself to a recruiter and you send the initial version of your resume, make sure that the recruiter understands that, at this point, they are receiving the resume for informational purposes only.  A pdf copy of your resume that indicates on the face of the resume that it “not approved for submission” can be especially helpful at an introductory stage with a recruiter.

When selecting a recruiter, it’s important to have a certain level of rapport and trust.  Do you feel that the person you are talking with understands the market and has a good sense of how to represent your best interests?  If so, this person might be a potential fit for your needs as a candidate.

And unless my candidates prefer that I submit them widely, I usually give candidates a finite list of where I am sending their resume and have them approve each and every submission.

If there is any level of uncertainty about where a recruiter may be sending your resume, make sure they understand that you must expressly authorize every submission.

Original post: Lateral Attorney Report