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Career Planning

Are You on Linkedin? If Not, Learn How to Use Linkedin Here!

Before I give you my non-paid sales pitch about Linkedin  and how to use Linkedin. Let me explain the background information needed to understand sites like Linkedin, Facebook & Twitter First thing you want to know is that all social networking sites are part of the Web 2.0  evolution of online applications


Complacency: The Death of Your Job Search

Searching for a job is time consuming.


As Careers Paths Change, Make On-Ramping Easy

What organization can afford to sideline or lose nearly three out of five of its most talented workers? That's the risk uncovered by the Center for Work-Life Policy 's latest research on off-ramps and on-ramps, published last month in the Harvard Business Review . Some 58 percent of high-echelon female talent experience career interruptions that sidetrack them from traditional lock-step linear career paths, penalizing earning power, sabotaging long-term promotional prospects, sapping ambition and causing many women to switch employers or quit work altogether


Do your legwork to score that job

(This column was originally published in SNEWS, the most trusted outdoor and fitness industry news source since 1984. OK, you've secured an interview for a position that really interests you. How can you differentiate yourself from other qualified candidates under consideration? Research on your potential employer will help you stand out from the crowd


Are You Hoarding or Sharing?

A client asked me “should I put the PDF of my resume on my personal website and keep the Word document to myself? I don’t want someone downloading it and stealing the content.” A fellow resume writer told me “I never put my best samples online because someone might steal my designs.” And a web designer once suggested to me that we only show partial sample resumes on our site “to stop people copying your work.” Think about that for a moment … the client would be prepared to lose out on job opportunities because her resume wasn’t accessible online. The resume writer is willing to have people make buying decisions based on work that isn’t the best she can do.


7 Ways to Prove Your Worth on Your Resume

I just read a great post by Jonathan Fields over on Awake@theWheel about the 7 types of proof clients/customers need before they will buy a product or service. And as I was reading, it struck me that his advice also applies to resume writing. All too often you read things like ‘looking for a job is a marketing campaign’ and ‘your resume is a marketing document,’ but perhaps it’s hard to know how to translate that vague principle into a new resume or job search plan.


The Best Way to Handle a Power Struggle

My flight from New York to Paris was delayed — maybe it would be canceled — and the passengers at the gate were frustrated.


Blue Sky Resumes Featured in Oprah Magazine

I’m so proud to say that Blue Sky Resumes is prominently featured in the latest issue of O Magazine.


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