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Career Planning

Don't Regret Working Too Hard

I was lying in bed, safely reading a magazine, when the fear arose. It started somewhere between my stomach and my chest, and it radiated outward


How to Avoid (and Quickly Recover from) Misunderstandings

To be fair to me, I was pretty focused at the time, working in my office on an article. When my wife called my name, I really didn't want to be interrupted . We were going away for the weekend and what Eleanor wanted to know was, could I help with the packing? She shouted from the bedroom, raising her voice enough to be heard between the two rooms


The Chocolate Roses & Hot Pink Paper Fail

Every now and then, the media latches on to a story about some creative job seeker and his or her strategy for getting attention.


Do You Need an Innovation Coach?

Could a coach help you tap into your inner genius? Check out my recent post on futurethinktank about the value of innovation coaching. The futurethinktank blog is brought to you by futurethink, an innovation research and training firm that helps companies put the principles of innovation into practice on a daily basis


Independence Day and the 9 to 5 Jail

Here in New York, it’s a 100-degree Tuesday after the three-day July 4th weekend. It’s the kind of day that makes many a sweaty corporate commuter long for a different way of life . If you’re thinking about declaring your independence from Corporate America, check out my new interview with Devesh Dwivedi over at Breaking the 9 to 5 Jail for some advice and inspiration. Devesh is a man very passionate about helping entrepreneurs find the resources and information that they need and his site features lots of great interviews with entrepreneurs and experts


Why Friends Matter at Work and in Life

Susan Harrison, my mother in law, died several months ago after a long and courageous battle with cancer. Like most of us, she was not famous. If you didn't know her you probably didn't know of her


The Downfall of a Blogger and What It Means for You

Last week the Washington Post fired one of its rising stars. Dave Weigel is a political reporter who made his name writing about the conservative movement in America and he was recently hired by the Washington Post to expand their online coverage. Dave was also a member of a private listserv group named JournOlist, where 400 bloggers who trusted one another discussed the issues of the day in a private forum


Uncovering Test Secrets, Part 1

This might seem like a no-brainer, but many tests used for selection/promotion have no validity. In lay terms, the scores predict absolutely nothing! Not only do these tests fail their basic purpose, but they invite legal challenges, favor the inept, and eliminate the qualified


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