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Must-have sourcing resource for online community manager talent

With all the buzz around talent communities in social media recruiting, a logical next question is where to source experienced talent in a space that's still so new that it's hard to know who does it well. My sourcing recommendation would be to start with those doing it as their full-time job


5 Things Recruiters Should Stop Doing

First the good news: many companies are hiring again. Now the bad news: if your company is among them, you’re probably looking at too many requisitions and too few hands on deck to fill them


The Hard Facts in International Recruiting

My younger brother Barak got married August 12, 2010. When we were growing up, the thing I knew for sure was that I hated him.


The Cost of a Bad Hire: How to Actually Do Something About it

John Sullivan wrote about the cost of a bad hire . Reading through the list, I thought it was extremely comprehensive … someone must have done their homework.


What We Can Learn About Recruiting From Avatar’s Creator

A long time after the rest of the world, I finally saw the movie Avatar, and I was thrilled. Not from the 3D or the big story, but from the fine details.


Recruiting Passive Candidates — How to Get Top-notch Referrals

Without question, having a large LinkedIn network is a competitive advantage for any recruiter working on hard-to-fill positions and hard-to-find candidates. This advantage is lessened dramatically with LinkedIn Recruiter, since it includes complete visibility to the 70mm+ people in their network.


Measuring the Quality of Those You Didn’t Hire –- Are You Missing the Best?

The quality of those not hired is the most valuable recruiting metric that you have never heard of! It informs you how often your organizations is failing to hire the highest quality applicants. A few years back I was advising a Fortune 100 firm that had a painfully slow and somewhat arrogant hiring process. To demonstrate the negative impact of their process I had to prove to a skeptical senior manager that they were letting top candidates get away.


10 Questions to Help You Hire Better People

As a recruiter, how would you describe the culture at Apple, Microsoft, AT&T, or at your own organization? Being able to distill the essence of an organization’s culture into a few well-thought-out adjectives is worth a lot. Sometimes I ask a wide variety of people to come up with a few adjectives that describe a company and then use a tag cloud technology such as Wordle or TagCloud to generate a tag cloud map.


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