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Referral Recruiting: Duh!

It has been interesting to note the recent re-emergence of referral recruiting ventures and ideas . Duh, everybody knows that (employee) referrals have been the No. 1 source of hires forever (as indicated by CareerXroads), and that according to professor Granovetter’s groundbreaking research in the early 1990s, close to 60% of people say they have found their current job through some form of referral


Candidate Mapping: A Best Practice for Executive Search Due Diligence

Imagine that an executive search that you've been conducting hits the wall. The CEO or Hiring Executive calls you in for a full accounting. You walk into the office. He closed the door behind you.


Easy In, Easy Out: Keeping Recruiting Simple

How much should we let chance and circumstances define who we hire, rather than continue to invest time in tough screening and many interviews? In the simplest terms, should (and maybe even does?) randomness play a large role in selection? Is it better to have a loose, easy-in and easy-out hiring practice than a much tighter and thorough upfront screening process? Many of us have read the book Blink by Malcolm Gladwell where he postulates that chance and “gut feel” may play a bigger role in our decision-making than we imagine.


Embrace the Burlesque: Recruiting Lessons from Chicago, the Movie

Oscar Wilde noted more than a century ago that "Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life".


How to Recruit Passive Candidates

We’re now working on a major survey with LinkedIn on determining the percent of its 70mm+ network that is active, passive, or somewhere in between. Recent data from the Recruiting Leadership Council ( CLC Recruiting — Building Talent Pipelines Survey ) indicates that for a broad sample of the U.S. workforce, 15-20% are very active and around 20% passive, with the remaining 60% showing a mix of passive and active behaviors


6Sense Matching Launched for Applicant Ranking

Monster unveiled an applicant matching feature today at SHRM that leverages the 6Sense Semantic Search it introduced last fall. The new feature matches applicants to jobs, producing a ranked order list that includes a side-by-side comparison of the top matches


8 Questions About Your Hiring Process

What is the most important factor in successfully recruiting top candidates? If you said things like salary, benefits, or the economy, you’d be wrong


Ladders Begins Offering Sourcing Service

With the latest Business Roundtable survey of CEOs saying 39 percent of America’s biggest companies plan to hire in the next six months, recruiters can be forgiven for thinking of it as a mixed blessing. On the one hand, recruiters get to have fun again, doing what they do best: recruiting workers. On the other hand, it means downsized staffs will have to cope with increased workloads. Today, The Ladders , the job board for $100k minimum jobs, begins offering its contract customers a sourcing service that promises to deliver at least five, and up to 10, best-fit candidates within 48 hours. Operating out of the company’s New York City offices, talent specialists will comb through the 4 million+ Ladders resumes to find the best matches for a particular req.


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