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People Management

Chief Executive Pay Needs to Get Real

The extreme income gap between chief executive officers and nearly everyone else has a corrosive effect. Under the best of circumstances, when a rising tide has lifted all boats, the impact is diminished. But, in general, the divide between those at the top and those lower down results both in lower morale and in lower productivity.


Career Decisions and Generation X

Here are a few more of the questions that came in during a recent HBR-sponsored webinar — but that we didn't have time to get to. These are primarily focused on career decisions and interpersonal dynamics in the workplace. I hope you'll share your own views. On-Ramps You asked: What do good on-ramps for X'ers look like


Link Your Strategies For Retention and Growth!

This week we covered how effective succession planning can prevent your organization from succumbing to the talent shortage predicted in the next few years. Ron Katz joined us to discuss what you can do to improve your performance and data management systems and make sure your succession planning efforts adequately prepare you for the jobs and challenges of tomorrow. For more podcasts, webinars, and articles on recruiting be sure to check out !


When Your Employees Know More Than You

Managing today's highly skilled professionals takes special skills — and not the ones that you may think. Oftentimes, knowledge workers know more than you do about their jobs. So, how do you manage people who know more about what they do than you do? In such instances, you have to look at leadership through the wants and needs of the worker as opposed to the skills of the leader. Here are some quick tips for effectively managing knowledge workers.


The Farm-to-Table Secret to Motivating People

The kitchen was a complete mess. I tried to clean the utensils and machines right after I used them but I couldn't keep up with my own cooking frenzy. I baked one loaf of carrot nut bread and two loaves of zucchini spice bread. I made a carrot-dill soup, a chilled yogurt-cucumber-dill soup, and a kale-swiss chard-carrot soup.


More Answers to Your Questions, Gen X

Recently, Harvard Business Review , in collaboration with Right Management , sponsored a webinar during which I spoke about the characteristics that I believe will make the members of Generation X strong leaders for the decade ahead. We didn't have time to get to all the questions that came in, so let's begin a discussion of some of them here.


Learn to Embrace the Tension of Diversity

As leaders, the rich diversity of culture and thought around the world is one of our greatest resources — if we use it as such. Differences of ideas, methods, motivations, and competencies can be used to build great organizations.


My Father's Greatest Gift: Multiple Truths

A reflection before Father's Day. "But how can we know what is correct?" I was sitting with a group of executives, discussing the advantages of social technologies. One member of the group was quick to point out what he perceived as a major disadvantage: Too much information from too many sources made it difficult, if not impossible, to ascertain which source was right, which authority he should trust. I gently suggested that the very nature of his question reflected a very Boomer mind-set. Younger generations are much less likely to imagine that there is one correct answer or a single authority.


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