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It's only a matter of time before we know; but when we do we will!

Too many corporate recruiters are too busy not recruiting and NOT planning for the chaos that will ensue once the economy kicks back in.  The housing market will take a lot longer to pick up which will make recruitment harder; as much as people may want to relocate, not being able sell/buy will stop people moving around so much.  Yet a small positive change in the economy now (Tesco, Boots, ASDA etc) will slowly but surely have a knock-on effect.

It will of course start slowly and the odd agency fee that sneaks in here and there, will go unnoticed but as the pressure builds, up go the volume of agency hires, down goes the availability of good people, up go the agency fees, down goes HR.  Agencies are not going anywhere and if they come back stronger, you have to wonder where this leaves HR; if they are found to be maximising agencies and job boards whilst minimising their employer brand.

The agency budget will be given back to operations who will “create” a budget to save money.  HR could of course take some of their agency budget and invest it in longer term strategic projects which will help them:

  1. Build a talent pool.
  2. Reduce their reliance on indirect recruitment advertising channels.
  3. Communicate their workplace.

Or, they could hope for “back to normal” once the economy kicks back and operational demand stumps up the cost for agency fees.  Unluckily for the majority, the minority of smart corporate recruiters can already see this and are “ahead of the game” when it comes to direct resourcing.

Don't get left behind; just stay ahead.

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