Collecting Your Thoughts

I get a lot of calls from job seekers.  For obvious reasons, there have been more calls from lawyers who are truly struggling with the market than I’m used to in a good economy.  Though we are seeing the signs of recovery, no one who is in the market can afford to start getting sloppy in the way that they conduct themselves as they search for a job.  Specifically, I get a lot of calls from folks who sound, well, panicked.  You may *be* panicked, but take whatever time you need to collect your thoughts.

For example, I get voicemails where people forget to identify themselves.  I get long rambling messages.  I talk to people who sound out of breath because they saw a job they thought looked interesting and ran out of their office to call me from the street so they wouldn’t be found out.  My personal pet peeve is a five minute message where someone talks a long stream of consciousness, and then speeds through their phone number so I have to listen to the message 3 more times to be able to decipher their contact information.

I’m not someone to stand on formality, but i do feel like more and more lawyers out there are sounding quite frenzied.  A gentleman called me a couple of weeks ago and was very literally yelling about the fact that he had contacted other recruiters and they weren’t getting back to him.  I understand why he’s frustrated, but yelling to a complete stranger isn’t really a job search strategy, is it?

I suggest that before you pick up the phone to pursue a job or a search, take 30 seconds to collect yourself and very briefly think through what it is you want to convey.  It’s ok to feel desperate or frustrated or anxious about your job search, but don’t let that infect your presentation.  I heard a judge give some amazing speech to lawyers recently.  The gist of it was to be honest, be funny, and be brief.  Amen.

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Originally posted here: Lateral Attorney Report