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Do Not Waste This Crisis

President-Elect Obama's chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, recently said : "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before." Emanuel--using a phrase of which Tom Friedman (no relation) is also fond (he heard it from economist Paul Romer)--was talking about how governments must take advantage of our current economic crisis. But the same idea applies to each of us, as individuals and as business leaders. Do not waste this crisis


Leave Subjective Statements off Your Resume

Are you someone who includes subjective descriptions of your skills, personal attributes or competencies on your resume? If so this post is for you. How many people do you think would describe themselves as any one of the following? Great team player Strong communicator Great leader High integrity The answer is pretty much everyone.


Leading Change? These 5 Obama-Approved Tactics Get Buy-In

One of the many reasons why President-Elect Barack Obama inspires hope around the world is because of what he's shown us so far of his abilities to be an effective leader of change.


From the Source’s Mouth

Recruiters who don’t communicate with recruiting source representatives are passing up opportunities to drive efficiencies up, and cost of hire down. That’s because many sources will organize recruiting events, publicize them, and connect recruiters with candidates free of charge.

Yet recruiting source representatives say they rarely hear from corporate recruiters, only receiving infrequent calls when a recruiter needs to fill an immediate opening.

Says Bev Principal, assistant director of student employment services at the Stanford University Career Development Center: “If I meet with a company representative during the summer, and receive information about its entire breadth of career opportunities, not just the immediate openings, I can pass that information along to students during career counseling sessions or I’ll remember to invite that company to participate in specific career events here on campus.”

Principal says she regularly e-mails students about recruiting events, and sends a monthly newsletter to engineering students. If she has information to share about an employer or its job opportunities, she passes it along.

John Weitzel, internship coordinator at El Camino College, says that employers are often disappointed in student turnout when they schedule a last-minute campus recruiting event. He starts promoting the retail holiday job fair, for example, when students first return to school in mid-August, and companies like FedEx and Disney set up campus recruiting visits a year in advance. FedEx is on the students’ radar screens because it recruits on campus every Monday.

“Not every student knows what they want to do when they finish school,” says Weitzel. “If I know Northrop Grumman has jobs other than engineering, like grant-writing and marketing, I can talk about those opportunities with students who seem suited for those careers.”

Even sources that provide experienced candidates can be better used through proactive planning. Olin King, site manager for the West Covina office of the California Employment Development Department, says that employees who lose their jobs due to offshoring receive special benefits and retraining, and he can sway them toward specific courses — if he knows local employers have hiring needs.

“We can set-up recruitment sessions, where we’ll line up the candidates and employers can come to our office to interview,” says King. “There are opportunities for employers to provide career advice to 300 experienced workers at our older and wiser seminars, which cater to job seekers 40 and older. We also bring education and employers together to fulfill specific needs in the community, but the only way to do that is through collaboration, and I just don’t hear from corporate recruiters.”

::: Source: ERE Articles

Monster moved to NY Stock Exchange

A couple of videos from today feature Monster’s CEO Salvatore Iannuzzi. In one video, on CNBC, he says, “When everyone says things are bad, it must mean it’s pretty much the time when things will start to turn around. So I’m more optimistic than negative.”


Stay Engaged, Maintain Your Sanity, and Ensure Employability

It‘s not news that many people around the U.S. have been laid off and many more are concerned about job security. I was talking to my friend Scott Ingram about this situation the other day and Scott mentioned a great piece of advice that he gives to folks who have lost jobs: when you aren’t actively job searching use the time you used to spend working to volunteer for a cause that is meaningful to you. Keeping busy while meeting new people is a great way to keep your spirits up while also networking and showcasing some of your skills in a non-aggressive way. I know someone who was fired from a job about 6 or 7 years ago


New President Expected At ZoomInfo

Sources tell us that Sam Zales, president and CEO of BuyerZone, a B2B supplier network and business lead generator, is reportedly about to be named president of ZoomInfo. He will replace Bryan Burdick, whose new role is unclear.


Obama's Authentic Leadership — And Yours

As a new political era dawns, what lessons about leadership can we grasp from Obama's triumph? So much has been said already about the man who called his last book The Audacity of Hope. I'll focus here on one factor that stands out, and it's the thing about him that worked political magic--Obama's authenticity, as an utterly distinctive yet powerfully representative American and citizen of the world. The good news for all those who aspire to create sustainable change in their worlds--people like you and me--is that each one of us can take practical steps to embody greater authenticity and thereby produce better results in all aspects of our lives


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