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How Baby Boomers Get Hired – 4 Tips

- Have a state of the art resume reflecting your experience. Don't include information earlier than the very late 1980's unless it's phenomenal and then use a hybrid presentation as opposed to straight chronology. Have a sharp design and layout and you'll look contemporary.


We All Really Do Belong Somewhere!

Probably the most interesting part of job search coaching for three decades has been witnessing outcomes. I am there from the beginning, middle and end of a job search. The outcome of a job search is really easy to predict. Candidates either get hired with quality or give up and settle.


What Teach For America Can Teach You

I had the great privilege of conducting a staff workshop on Total Leadership a few days ago at Teach For America 's headquarters in New York: When you exit the elevator on TFA's main floor in this modest office building on an industrial Midtown street, you see a long blue wall (in a hall too long and narrow for one photo with my rudimentary camera lens - hence the three below) and these words: It's immediately apparent that everyone who works for this rapidly-growing, non-profit powerhouse (at which the average employee age, from my observation, cannot possibly exceed 30) - from the facilities maintenance guys to the receptionist to the senior management team - is deeply committed to this vision and subscribes to its core values . Number one of the five of these is this: Relentless pursuit of results. How, you might ask, does this square with the organization's equally emphatic commitment to personal and professional alignment (a management precept so commonly grasped it's referred to by its acronym, PPA)? Here's what management says about how results are to be achieved: "We assume personal responsibility for achieving ambitious, measurable results in pursuit of our vision


Holiday Happiness

A year ago I wrote the following post which I think is just as appropriate today as it was last year. Sadly the subject of this post, Art Kaminshine, passed away on December 6, 2008 which means that the world just became a little less fun and interesting. I thought that as a tribute to Art I would re-run the post from December 4, 2007. Rest in peace Art, we will will miss you. And thank you for making life fun, happy, and inclusive for those in your orbit.


Seven Things You Need to Know About Recruiters

I am always amazed at the animosity that many job seekers have toward recruiters. In some cases it’s justified because there are some slimy recruiters out there simply because there are no certifications or specialized education required to become a recruiter


Leadership Lessons From an Astronaut

A few days ago, while on a break from leading a workshop at NASA's Johnson Space Center for members of its management team (including director and former astronaut Mike Coats ), I had the special privilege of touring the cavernous Building 9, which houses a mock space station, space vehicles, and other amazing things.


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