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Hard2Hire.com – A Unique Niche Website for Non-Traditional Employees

I just found out about a new website called Hard2Hire.com which is just what the name sounds like: its for people who have a hard time getting hired and for the employers who are willing to give them a chance. Right now there are more than 100,000 potential employees with profiles on Hard2Hire and more than 2.8 million job listings at tens of thousands of employers on the site. Pretty impressive numbers I think for a new website. I talked to Kevin McMahon at H2H and he told me that the majority of jobs on the site are at smaller employers (less than 200 employees) and that they are reaching out to approximately 2,000 employers per month to find new job openings for their members. Kevin also mentioned that when they speak to employers one of their goals is to find out what kind of candidates they are really willing to consider for jobs


How to Deal with Challenging Times

- Accept the fact that these are unusual times and be prepared to do unusual things.


Job Openings Are Available if You Look in the Right Places

Have you ever heard the one about the woman who was walking down the street at night when she came across a man searching frantically on the ground for something in the light of a streetlamp? She asked him, “Sir, what are you looking for?” He said, “I have lost my keys." She said, “I will help you look. Did you lose them right here?” The man said, “No I lost them across the street in the alley” The woman asked, “Then why are you looking over here?” And the man responded, “There’s no light over there.” That joke makes me think of some job seekers I have met….they look for jobs in places they are comfortable looking but that aren’t necessarily where the jobs are


Run Your Own Race

I am honored to have been nominated for the Austin Statesman's Texas Social Media Awards. It's really incredible to me that I even made the cut for nominations. Now what happens is that anyone who wants to has the opportunity to comment online on nominations for each of the nominees.


Are You A Deer in the Headlights These Days?

In my career coaching practice I never find myself preaching to the choir. These days there are no choir members in my office, only plenty of deer blinded by headlights, and oddly the longer my two-legged deer remain paralyzed by the unexpected, the more their vision declines.


Special Offer for Austin Job Seekers from Coach Donna Fox

Donna has an offer for Austin-based clients who may want to take the next steps (once they have that awesome resume in hand), but aren’t sure what to do next. Build Your Personal Career Exploration Action Plan She is offering her super-effective career investigation process as a workshop. Price is $99 – for a 2.5 hour workshop, plus a 30-minute private coaching session. Invest just 3 hours and $99…Get your job search INTO ACTION FAST One-Day Career Exploration Workshop Saturday, January 24, 2009 Group session 9:30-Noon + personal coaching session after noon ATTENDANCE LIMITED TO 12 ATTENDEES RESERVE NOW Facilitated by Austin business coaches Donna Fox & Stan Tyler To register, email: Donna@FoxCareerMentors.com


Focus Upward to Understand Corporate Desicion Making

The challenges faced by businesses and their employees these days has got me thinking about the tough decisions that are being made in companies all around the world. It is hard to be in a non-leadership role in the volatile economic environment in which we find ourselves because non-leaders are often limited in the information they can access. In other words, employees in some companies are just playing a waiting game to see what happens next. A wise person once told me that "When faced with decisions try to look at them as if you were one level up in the organization. Your perspective will change quickly".


Career Coach Takes A New Job!

No that's not me! That's Adam Worthington, of the 137th Aviation Regiment, Ohio National Guard. He left for his Iraq mission in 11 days ago to return in January 2010. He has a wife, two teen-agers, two brothers, a sister, a mom (me) and dad. We all have new jobs. My guess is that if you're reading this blog you also have a new job! If you're the one on a mission for a new place to land let your job search be conducted with optimism and courage


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