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Sentences That Speak to Me

Note from Janice - No matter how "together" the next guy appears, when no one is looking he too falls apart! Thus, these words help me when I need help starting my motor! You will never leave where you are until you decide where you want to be. Stress is always caused by doing things you know you shouldn't do and not doing the things you know you should do! You will never do anything well until you do it many times poorly


Networking is icky! …or maybe no

Ok, for some of us, the thought of networking is just plain icky, not to mention scary. To be honest, that was how I felt, especially when I was still new to my field and did not have any work experience. I thought networking was just another work for "sucking up." And then I realized, networking is just a means of gathering and sharing information. It doesn't need to be icky. As a college student, if you have questions about an assignment, about a new concept that's been presented in class, or about an upcoming exam, I hope you feel comfortable approaching your instructor with your questions.


Have you Refreshed your Relationships Lately?

As you add contacts (or renew old contacts) during your job search, you should ensure that you "refresh" your relationships on a regular basis (at least every 3 or 4 weeks). This is important for everyone, but especially if you are currently unemployed


Lakeland's Job Shop

Last Monday I had the pleasure of speaking to the Job Shop participants at Lakeland Community College.


Will the Next MBA Grads Take More Risks?

Who cares what games we choose...little to win, nothing to lose. So goes the chorus of the Strawberry Alarm Clock's 1967 #1 hit song, Incense and Peppermints


Academia vs. Industry: The Difference Is in the Punctuation Marks

Having spent most of my life either in school (five degrees) or teaching in school (tenured professor), one might think that I've lived in a doorless ivory tower. Fortunately along the way I've had transformative interactions with industry in my role as both a consultant and designer for companies like Phillips, Reebok, Samsung, Google , and Cartier. Actively living between the spaces of academia and industry have made me appreciate the necessary synergy between both worlds


You Might Get A Rejection Letter If….

Did you know that Jeff Foxworthy is one of the most successful comedians of all time?


Leadership as a Creative Act

When John took the job as president of RISD last year, he kissed tenure goodbye. He left a cushiony life at MIT's Media Lab with a large research budget, a fully self-directed agenda, and true job security and traded it in for a 5-year contract, fundraising pressures, and a board to answer to. To his professor peers, he seemed nuts.


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