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Employer branding guide written by academics – useful then!

This is a quote from People Management: "CIPD has launched an Employer Branding Guide based on round-table discussions with practitioners, consultants and academics." With such a powerful sales line like this I'm dropping everything to rush out and buy a copy!  It does however state that it includes case studies from British Library and E-on.  I'm sure CIPD members don't need yet another book on employer branding.  Glad to see the membership fees are focused on writing books!


Will the job advert ever get Twittered?

I did a quick search on a big job board for a few jobs and still find that the job advert content is as dull as ever.  I'm not sure if the job boards should limit the amount of characters similar to the way Twitter does so that content would need to be VERY focused on the key message.  Or are job adverts never going to change? Problem is, I'm not really sure of the answer on this one!


Monster, CareerBuilder See Drop in Advertising Revenue

Monster lost money in the 2nd quarter of the year, but by so small an amount it was mostly ignored by after hours traders, who bid up shares by 2 cents following a guardedly optimistic conference call with analysts. Reporting Monster lost $1.4 million loss on $223 million in revenue, CEO Sal Iannuzzi said he was nonetheless “cautiously optimistic” about the job market. While he discounted any notion of a quick recovery, he told analysts on the financial call, “We are seeing encouraging signs of stabilization.” Speaking of the company’s customers, he said they seem to be turning away from further job cuts and there’s even some signs of increased recruiting activity


To Get What You Want, Don't Go With Your Gut

About five years ago I took on a new client in New York City. This company had lawsuits against it, high turnover, and terrible press. One of the first people I met was a senior leader we'll call Hunter. "Look Peter, you seem like a nice guy," Hunter said with a smile as he looked at me from across his desk, "but there have been several consultants before you and there will be several more after you


Got Cash?

If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to. –Parker The world is so full of a number of things, I am sure we should all be happy as kings; and you know how happy kings are


The Truth About Resume Writers

Barbara Safani has had enough of ill-informed and condescending critiques of the professional resume writing industry: So please, if you have been reading the advice of people who are bashing the resume writing industry, take a moment to reflect on how condescending their advice is. You are an intelligent consumer. If some aspect of a resume writing service doesn’t sit well with you or you aren’t convinced that the person has a valuable service to offer, don’t use them. Become an educated consumer, ask questions, and shop around. At the end of the day it’s about the strength of the relationship between you and the writer and the confidence you have in their abilities based on your knowledge of the service


Bullet Point to the Head

As a (once and future) corporate recruiter “actively looking for his next opportunity,” (translation: unemployed and hitting refresh on Indeed.com), I’ve had the opportunity, for the first time in my career, to experience life across the desk, as one of the unwashed masses yearning to breathe free. Interesting paradigm shifts have occurred. An interview has gone from a job function to an event worthy of a phone call to mom; I no longer screen my calls, and in fact, am excited when the phone rings; and, of course, the worst of it all: I’ve become the target of a billion-dollar industry of profiteers who promise to give my search the winning edge, but they’re no longer contingency recruiters on biz dev calls


Aberdeen Group Report: HR Exec’s Guide to Web 2.0

I read the above report yesterday/today and was pleased to see some of the evidence that supports the views of various people (including me) around the importance of using social media as part of your talent management strategy. You do need to register (and maybe pay) to get a copy of the report but here are what I consider to be the key points.   These were the key recommendations for all organisations: If you have yet to start (with web 2.0), begin now. Establish metrics and monitor regularly.


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