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How to Develop Your Leadership Pitch

Ever see an executive fumble an answer to a question from a reporter, or maybe even an employee? Of course, it happens all the time


Surveys Show Workers Are Ready To Make Changes

A raft of recent surveys shows that the recession is having a profound impact on workers and employment trends worldwide. Even though they measure different things — global hiring, immigration repatriation, and career trends — there’s a theme here, which is that the economy is global and when it recovers, things will not go back to the way they were. There’s the report from Monster this week that says vast numbers of workers are ready to swit ch careers for a new job


Why the Wrong People Get Laid Off — And How to Prevent It

Lisa (names have been changed) held a mid-level position in Human Resources at a large bank and received stellar performance reviews every year for five years. Conscientious, she delivered projects on time and communicated clearly with her manager


Another Half-Baked Hiring Idea

For some strange reason, Todd Raphael, the ERE Editor, sent me an article on yet another wacko idea pretending to facilitate hiring. He must think I have an axe to grind against wrong-headed hiring ideas. Imagine that! Well done, Todd. This one ranks right down there with handwriting analysis


Understanding Available Retention Strategies: Are You Prepared for Turnover Rates to Double? (Part 1 of a 2-Part Series)

As the economic turnaround picks up steam, turnover rates in many organizations are likely to skyrocket and recruiting replacement workers of the same caliber will be extremely challenging. Study after study has confirmed the notion that many employees would have left their employers months/years ago had the option to do so been viable


Jobster Reborn Away From The Cutting Edge

Remember Jobster? Of course you do.


Using Social Networks to Communicate and Engage: The Future of Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

The growth, adoption, and momentum of social networking over the past 18 months brings another round of significant change for recruiting departments. The first question that needs to be answered is whether or not you believe social networking is all hype or if it will result in lasting change. Then you can answer the question, “If social networking is here to stay, is it right for our organization?” Some look at the social networking trend and say that it’s all a bunch of hype.


Artistic and Creative Resumes

I just found a cool website with some very cool and visually pleasing resumes which are appropriate for professionals in gaming, graphics, or other creative or artistic jobs. 30 Artistic and Creative Resumes


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