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.Jobs Universe Project Explained In Meetings

US.Jobs site with social elements displayed In a blog post about yesterday’s DirectEmployers meeting, publishing industry analyst and consultant Peter Zollman called it “a valuable information session.” Recruitment consultant Gerry Crispin, who attended this morning’s second session, described it as a useful meeting that left him “very satisfied that the intent (of the creation of the dot-jobs domain) I have consistently written about … is reflected in what DirectEmployers is doing.” The meetings they and a few others — perhaps a dozen in all — attended in Indianapolis were called by the DirectEmployers Association to answer questions and explain the non-profit recruiting consortium’s plans to build-out tens of thousands of recruitment sites all with an Internet address ending in .jobs. Zollman reports in his blog post that next week 25,000 of the sites will go live. The “number will increase exponentially on an ongoing basis,” writes Zollman, until every community in the U.S. over 5,000 population has a job site for itself.


How to Encourage Small Innovations

The announcement of Apple's iPad is turning many people's thoughts to the innovations behind big ideas . Innovations such as these play a critical role in a company's future, but companies often hinder themselves by focusing on finding the next big thing, when in reality, the next small thing might be more beneficial. The more that employees are encouraged to think creatively and apply that creativity, the more flexible in practice and nimble in responsiveness a company becomes. When you take pressure off people to come up with a "big" idea, you encourage the creativity that can bring about incremental innovations. As a result, a new service or product offering may emerge, but it's more likely that you will optimize your operations for cost, quality, efficiency, and speed


Forget the Fitness Center. Spend Your Money on Education

Using the recession as an excuse, organization after organization has cut out or reduced their tuition reimbursement programs and their support for additional education.


Here Are 100 Of the Best Places to Work

Time for a guessing game. We’re playing “Who am I?” Here are the hints: I get nearly free health care and pay only a pittance (relatively) for great child care. My cost for education is small. Since I work on average, 35 hours a week, I have time for my family and recreation, which includes free gym access and a summer camp for the kids. Oh and I have no fear of being laid off


Colts v. Saints? Nah. Monster v. Careerbuilder

Monster ad from Wired Monster fired the first shot in the ad wars Sunday with a commercial during the AFC championship football game featuring the Boogeyman and a new tagline. Bad at his job scaring children, the Boogeyman searches Monster and finds his perfect fit as an accountant. As he settles into his cubicle, the words “New precision job search” appear followed by the tagline, “Get a Monster advantage.” The new tagline replaces “Your calling is calling.” Precision Job Search is the branded seeker product powered by Monster’s overhauled back-end search engine. Power Resume Search is the recruiter version.


Five Scenarios 3: The Marketplace

When change comes to recruiting, it comes in a variety of forms. In the search for the candidate who will deliver the best value for the money, companies are continuously innovating and seeking competitive advantage in the employment marketplace. Trends, fads, and idiosyncratic procedures are commonplace. Again, change comes in a variety of forms: New technologies (like job boards or applicant tracking systems) can shift the relationship balance between employer and employee New techniques (like behavioral interviewing and Internet sourcing) can change the selection process New ways of doing business (like outsourcing) can change the volume and complexity of recruiting relationships Shifting economics can change the demand equations, making some skills more valuable than others Demographics can alter communications goals and processes New information management Ideas (like open source, wikis, or public resume databases) change the competitive intelligence aspects of the game Technology disruption can eradicate an industry, creating a surplus of potential employees who don’t quite fit Fads and voodoo (handwriting analysis is a popular assessment tool in some places) shape some companies perspective There is a Darwinian process for figuring out which technologies work and which fail. The team that fields the best technology, marketing, and sales combination gets to fight the next battle.


Why the Federal Government Can’t Recruit and Retain Hispanic-Americans

The U.S. is subject to powerful cultural forces rooted in demographics and ethnicity.


Our Generation X President's First Year

President Obama is arguably the United States' first President who is a member of Generation X. (I say "arguably" since the boundary line between Boomers and X'ers is subject to debate.


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