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ADP Report Surprises Economists by Showing Decline

A discouraging report from ADP this morning tossed some cold water on Wall Street’s cheerful rally of the last few weeks.


New Recruiters, Candidate Experience, and Employment Brand

Have you joined our LinkedIn group yet? Check it out . Here’s what’s going on in the ERE community this week: Lessons for a new recruiter Bogus posting or clumsy candidate experience? How come you’re ignoring your employment brand?


Assessments: Can’t Live With ‘em, Can’t Live Without ‘em

If you have been reading ERE over the last few weeks, you have probably been exposed to assessment argument overload. You might have read claims that unstructured interviews alone were sufficient to survive a guarantee period. You might have read selection scientists quoting numbers showing it took more than interviews to reduce turnover, increase training success, and increase on-the job-performance


5 Things I Learned from My Dad about Business and Work

15 years ago today, my dad died. He smoked for years and barely made it to 60 before lung cancer took his life. We miss him terribly. He was one of those people who leave a huge hole when they go. On the day of his funeral, they needed a spillover room in the chapel to fit everyone in.


Please Join Me in Austin on Saturday April 10 at 2pm

Recently I was honored to have been chosen to be a featured entrepreneur in a book called "A Cup of Cappuccino for the Entrepreneur's Spirit Volume II" by Jeretta Horn Nord and Cindy Patterson Thompson . The book features the stories of 50 entrepreneurs and is intended to inspire and energize your entrepreneurial spirit. To promote the book Cindy and Jeretta have been hosting book signings and panel discussions featuring the individual entrepreneurs whose stories were featured in the book at Barnes & Noble bookstores around the U.S.


How to Write a Resume Step #3: Strategize!

This is the 3rd post in my ‘How to Write a Resume’ series and it’s maybe the most important of them all. Learning how to strategize your resume is the absolute #1 secret to opening doors and getting interviews. No exaggeration. What is a Resume Strategy


The Mostly Unplugged Vacation

I'm going on vacation with my family in a few weeks, and I'm anxious. Anyone who knows me knows how much I adore my family and the time we spend together. And that includes stuff like changing diapers and putting groggy kids back to bed at 4 am. Fun or not, I treasure it


How to Write a Resume – Step #2: Work Out Your Value.

This post is the second in my ‘How to Write a Resume’ series. If you missed the first one, you can find it here . In my first post, I talked about the importance of feeling employers’ pain – knowing your audience is a crucial first step to writing a resume that really works.


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