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Quality of Hire: The Top Recruiting Metric

We talk about “top” talent and “top” performers, but how do you know you’ve reached the “top”? Is there some kind of altitude marker? A sign that reads “Welcome to the Top”


6Sense Matching Launched for Applicant Ranking

Monster unveiled an applicant matching feature today at SHRM that leverages the 6Sense Semantic Search it introduced last fall. The new feature matches applicants to jobs, producing a ranked order list that includes a side-by-side comparison of the top matches


8 Questions About Your Hiring Process

What is the most important factor in successfully recruiting top candidates? If you said things like salary, benefits, or the economy, you’d be wrong


The Downfall of a Blogger and What It Means for You

Last week the Washington Post fired one of its rising stars. Dave Weigel is a political reporter who made his name writing about the conservative movement in America and he was recently hired by the Washington Post to expand their online coverage. Dave was also a member of a private listserv group named JournOlist, where 400 bloggers who trusted one another discussed the issues of the day in a private forum


Ladders Begins Offering Sourcing Service

With the latest Business Roundtable survey of CEOs saying 39 percent of America’s biggest companies plan to hire in the next six months, recruiters can be forgiven for thinking of it as a mixed blessing. On the one hand, recruiters get to have fun again, doing what they do best: recruiting workers. On the other hand, it means downsized staffs will have to cope with increased workloads. Today, The Ladders , the job board for $100k minimum jobs, begins offering its contract customers a sourcing service that promises to deliver at least five, and up to 10, best-fit candidates within 48 hours. Operating out of the company’s New York City offices, talent specialists will comb through the 4 million+ Ladders resumes to find the best matches for a particular req.


Uncovering Test Secrets, Part 2

Validation can get squirrelly fast. Without first conducting a legitimate job analysis and choosing a legitimate hiring test, there is no need to go any further. Everything is worthless without the first two steps. Once that is behind you, establish a strong link between a specific test score and on-the-job performance. Litigation vs


Are Your Leaders Teaching the Next Generation of Leaders?

Once a year, I chair a future enterprise leader development program at a Fortune 500 firm. It includes elements on strategy, innovation, leadership, decision-making, corporate diplomacy, and executive presence. The most powerful element is a one-week module on enterprise perspective, the core of which is presentations by virtually all of company's senior executive team. It's all about leaders teaching leaders


Uncovering Test Secrets, Part 1

This might seem like a no-brainer, but many tests used for selection/promotion have no validity. In lay terms, the scores predict absolutely nothing! Not only do these tests fail their basic purpose, but they invite legal challenges, favor the inept, and eliminate the qualified


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