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Iranian Politics and Employment Branding Have Something In Common

Iranians used Twitter to expose the corrupt elections and political turmoil in 2009.


Help Wanted: World Leader

Are you so old that you remember when Memorial Day was called Decoration Day? Are you so ancient that you remember when Memorial Day was sacrosanct - it fell, year in, year out, on May 30th? Are you so decrepit that you remember when Memorial Day was more than the beginning of summer - when its sole purpose was to honor the men and women who died defending our country? If the answer is yes, you'll know that Memorial Day was draped in the American flag. It was among the most deeply felt and quintessentially American of our national holidays, evoking strong feelings of patriotism and deep pride in the United States of America


Why Pelosi is No Role Model for Women Seeking Office

Yikes! What a response! All I did in my most recent blog was point out the obvious : that when Hillary Clinton ran for president she had certain advantages. The fact that some of these advantages - widespread name recognition, for example, and lots of money in her political pocket - grew out of her previous position as First Lady seemed to me to be clear. My mistake. What was apparent to me was not apparent to every one else


Zimbabwe and Leaders’ Global Responsibilities

It's among the worst places in the world to live. In recent years the situation's gone from very bad to even worse. And in recent months it's hit rock bottom. Among the different countries on the African continent, Zimbabwe is, or should have been, among the most advantaged.


From Zimbabwe to the C-Suite: Our Responsibilities for Addressing Bad Leadership

During the last week the tut-tutting morphed into screaming and yelling. But it was too little too late. Despite all the recent hand-wringing and blame-gaming by many of the world's most powerful and prominent leaders, Zimbabwe's longtime despot, Robert Mugabe, received 85.5 % of the vote in Friday's sham election. So without further ado he went ahead before the weekend was over and had himself sworn in, for the sixth time, as president. The question now is what can be learned from this experience.


Another "Follower" Takes a Leadership Stand (Against the Supreme Court)

Here's my point. No doubt that Colonel Sullivan is a man of great distinction. But, whatever his accomplishments, he does not rate right up there alongside the nine men and women who have lifelong appointments to the highest court in the land. Did his lesser status stop him? Did it deny him access or preclude him from taking on arguably the most august leaders in the land? Not on your life. Not in this day and age. Sullivan posted his blog - and in the process gave the Court one of its worst black eyes ever.


Are You on Linkedin? If Not, Learn How to Use Linkedin Here!

Before I give you my non-paid sales pitch about Linkedin  and how to use Linkedin. Let me explain the background information needed to understand sites like Linkedin, Facebook & Twitter First thing you want to know is that all social networking sites are part of the Web 2.0  evolution of online applications


Complacency: The Death of Your Job Search

Searching for a job is time consuming.


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