Direct Recruiting Strategy

If you have yet to put any real effort into your Direct Recruiting Strategy in my view, time is running out!

With signs of life in the economy once again, and adverts for Christmas already being added (for example) to e-mail footers, I reckon that Christmas will be better than most business leaders will publicly state, and consumer spending will just keep on rolling throughout January and beyond.

The knock-on effect will be that businesses will need to re-focus their direct resourcing efforts to ensure they recruit direct instead of relying just on recruitment agencies.  Or, if they choose to go down the agency route (nothing actually wrong with this) they need to ensure they compensate their agencies well as they will have plenty of business to choose from.

For details on how to develop your own DIRECT RECRUITING SKILLS take a look at our current Social Recruiting Workshop and Google Adwords for Recruiting Workshop.

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