Do recruiters have time for social media?

Social media takes too much time and recruiters, particularly those that are HR Pro's first and recruitment is “just another job”, just don't have the time to waste on social media.  They need to spend their valuable time speaking with their favourite recruitment or advertising agency.

Of course not every corporate recruiter falls into this camp; indeed I have met some very good recruiters over my years and continue to do so through my workshops.  But, one of the common questions about social recruiting is time.  How long does it take?  Do I need to be on there every day?  Will I really need to converse with every follower, fan and friend?

So many Manager's don't have time to manage because they have a target of their own to achieve (think sales as a typical example) yet we all know managing your team to deliver results is a full time job of its own.  Rarely do we see the “player manager” in football anymore and business is no different.  Until it comes to recruitment.  Recruitment is a full time job and yes, you could be spending a lot of time using social media as part of your RECRUITMENT job.  But here's a thing.

Having a large number of fans, followers or friends is not just about direct hires.  It could be about:

  • Referrals.
  • Feedback on salaries.
  • Help with process improvement.
  • Employer branding.
  • And many other things beside…..
Of course you are allowed to expect direct hires as well but don't just think about it only for this.  I don't tell workshop delegates that they have to be on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin every minute of every hour of every day but, someone needs to be monitoring activity because there will be some.  That aside, social networks are more than just about direct hires – if you have the time of course.

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