Do You Have the Courage to Get Hired?

Since when do you have to be brave to get a job? Since the job market became so challenging to conquer! Layoffs – old news, high unemployment – old news!

Newsflash – companies are hiring. They never really stopped and although the numbers of job openings have significantly increased in the last 60 days there continues to be all those great candidates. I was not surprised when I heard that a company had received 600 resumes for a Director of Logistics/Supply Chain Management opening. So the puzzle continues to be how one gets the attention of the decision makers toward the ultimate job offers! Someone will get hired!

If you job search is stalled and you either know of job opportunities or need to find those needles in haystacks, do you have the courage? Comfort zone aside are you willing to do the following?

Cold Call an individual currently working at a company you want to pursue. The very term “cold call” terrorizes candidates because they can’t image a more unattractive activity. But with LinkedIn, a vehicle used to connect folks for the common good, approaching an individual for information or assistance should be far more user-friendly. The key is not to be embarrassed because you’re calling for the assistance of another and to prepare your message in advance.

“I noted in your LinkedIn profile that you work at the Cleveland Clinic. I am pursuing an opportunity with your organization. Would you be able to spend 10 minutes by phone with me?”

Going Beyond the Call of Duty – Rather than answer one question after another on an interview, do you have the courage to prepare and deliver a message or presentation, factored into the employer’s interview methodology? I knew of a candidate for a Product Manager’s position in consumer products who, prior to the second interview, visited the stores that carried the merchandise and actually conducted a survey as to why consumer chose to purchase the product. She walked in with presentation in-hand and gracefully gave a very unexpected but impressive PowerPoint. Would you?

Interview for a job in another city. Let’s face it. The best opportunity just might be outside your zip code. If financially and family feasible, this is not a bad thing. With the presence of technology and the globalization of business, changing your home base might save your home, your kids’ colleague tuition and give your career a healthy dose of advancement. Remember there’s a McDonald’s on every corner and the mall’s never that far away.

Remember if every job for which you apply involves 600 resumes you will have to be creative to distinguish yourself from all others and position your visibility as the candidate of choice. Do you have the courage?

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