Do You Suffer from Job Search Paranoia?

If you thought you were a “sure thing” and nothing happened, do not fall victim to Job Search Paranoia (JSP) because the following scenarios might explain what really happened:

The hiring authority may have assumed a different position or left the company completely and thus created a communication gap in the hiring process. I have always compared this phenomenon to a breakdown of a company’s “hiring nervous system” because the left hand can no longer transmit a message to the right hand. What is unfortunate is that any sensitivity to the fact that you made such a great impression and toward a job offer has gone numb.

The company implemented a corporate-wide or position-specific hiring freeze. When companies such as Disney announce a hiring freeze headlines are made. But when smaller corporations or privately-held companies suddenly “freeze,” their own employees may never be told, much less the candidate whose interview truly impressed toward an aborted job offer, a mere 24 hours before the announcement.

The CEO’s nephew finally decided he wanted the job. This really does happen. While some companies have policies against hiring family members and relatives, just as many have open-door policies and are very likely to be faced with the potential inheritance of these folks due to their new availability from layoffs. There is nothing a good candidate can do to outperform that nephew.

The current employee decided not to leave. This is another interesting phenomenon that happens without our knowledge, and while this revelation places that particular employee’s future on the list of what bosses call “diminishing returns,” the brakes have been applied to all candidates previously under consideration.

Provided you are not a JSP casualty, like so many whose despair has totally paralyzed their job searches, you eventually will secure a job offer…maybe just not within your preferred time parameters. There is a whole litany of unrelated reasons that can slow down a hire. Perhaps the timeframe to hire actually complied with that particular company’s norm all along…just not yours. When our priority is not the hiring authority’s we lose patience, assume blame for the rejection and our immunity becomes compromised.

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