Don't be a slave to technology – 10 tips to turn the ATS tables


The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is designed to make your life easier not harder!  I often see an ATS implementations that do not deliver on this promise.

  1. Don’t assume the way it works is the way it has to work.
  2. If the screen layout is wrong change it.
  3. Too many steps or too rigid – remove some.
  4. Re-visit your process but ON PAPER then get the system to match it.
  5. Make sure you know what every function does.
  6. Become a system expert and get better at your job.
  7. Don’t take NO for an answer – keep asking WHY until you understand.
  8. Don’t always blame the ATS vendor – until you are sure you should!
  9. The ATS cannot do everything, don’t expect it to.
  10. Consider alternative systems outside the ATS – not everything has to be joined up and free stuff can be of great value – sometimes.

And finally, remember who the customer is.  ATS vendors vary in their attitude to customer support so if you are being looked after, make the most of it.  And if you’re not, frying pan to fire is not always the best option in the long term.

Systems take effort but unless you know what you want, need and can do, no system will ever be able to deliver.  Responsibility for great recruiting starts in the mirror.


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