DSGi staff poke fun at Customers

As usual, whenever a well known organisation has current or ex-employees making negative comments about customers on any of the social networking sites, it makes the news.  Well, this time it is DSGi in the limelight as reported by for example The Guardian/Observer.

OK, so it may be amusing to read such antics but let's be honest, even this level of behaviour is not typical any more of the average DSGi employee.  Every business will have people who will go onto Facebook, Twitter etc and do this and some will get away with it, some will just be ignored and some will pay some kind of price.  But it happens down the pub, in the canteen, in Head Office etc.  Yes, it's made public on Facebook which is why it is stupid but in reality, does anyone really care?  Does anyone stop shopping at PC World just because of this?  Of course not.  We shop there (or not) based on our experience, service, product and price.

So whilst DSGi will no doubt need to look into this issue, they are much better placed (IMO) staying focused on what the customer wants instead of what a few people get up to in their spare time.  What it does highlight of course, that if your recruitment process can weed out such people before they even join you what a difference that would make!

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