Facebook Page – make it easier to keep in touch

With all the different communication channels available such as blogs, YouTube, Twitter, latest jobs etc it is of course hard work for a potential job seeker to stay up to date with a number of employer latest activities.  Add in the word “passive” and it gets that little bit harder.


My own favourite is Friendfeed because I think it works really well and is very easy to follow.  You can subscribe to my FF feed at http://friendfeed.com/petergold99.

However, many potential job seekers will not know too much about FF which is where good old Facebook comes in; plus FB has just acquired Friendfeed so two may become one shortly anyway.


By creating a company Page you can also aggregate the various feeds you want.  Although the “big” questions always seems to be how to manage the Page you don't of course have to start off with the Forum instead making it a bit more of a one-way update whilst you gauge the level of interest.  I know some of you will say this defeats the idea but this is just a start point for now.  The monitoring aspect can always be outsourced if necessary!

I've set-up my Hire Strategies Facebook Page; feel free to have a look – it may be the final option as FF may soon be gone!

Original post: Hire Strategies UK