Fascinating Yet Depressing Blog – Real Layoff Stories on How I Got Laid Off

The guy who writes this blog, How I Got Laid Off, got in touch with me awhile back and asked if I wanted to write about his blog. I said yes and so that is what I am doing now. This blog has some personal stories that are real bummers but if you want to hear stories that will make your personal situation seem less awful this is the blog for you. I have heard some sad stories about layoffs but this blog has posts from folks all over the country and some of them will really shock you, make you sad, or make you want to boycott certain companies. Also, if you want to share your layoff story you can do so on this blog.

Crummy employers beware: How I Got Laid Off is exposing your nasty ways of laying people off. Whatever happened to treating people with dignity and respect?

Here is the original post: Liz Handlin