Fat Face Jobs


I am a big fan of the Fat Face brand so use this post as a bit of free advice (for them) on how they could minimise a possible loss of response to an advert.

In their advert, which was off line in Retail Week, they quote:


I have no issues with swapping the WWW for JOBS or even in using CAPS but based on recent advice from my Technical Guru (Paul) based on real life discussions with clients Fat Face should also take their set-up of


and point it at the same landing page (it currently goes to the ecommerce site) although they have at least set it which is more than many do.

Not a biggy but with limited traffic from offline and possibly of higher value, every chance should be taken to get them where you want them as some people will put in the WWW and JOBS!  The landing page is just the job search page which is a massive “no no” but that's another post!

(Written whilst wearing my favourite FF shorts!)

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