Free comedy for out-of-work


Oddly coiffed US comedian and Tonight Show host Jay Leno has shown his heart of gold by putting on a free stand-up performance in an area particularly badly hit by the recession.

Leno took his distinctive brand of ‘humour’ to Wilmington, Ohio, as part of his ‘Comedy Stimulus’ tour. He said: “I’m not here to explain the economic situation. Everybody knows what that is. This is like escapism. You just kind of get out and forget your troubles and have a few laughs.”

Wilmington is a city of 12,000 inhabitants, 8,000 of them employed at the Wilmington Air Park until delivery company DHL Express announced its plans to withdraw. Only 3,500 have kept their jobs, but half of those are expected to go this summer.

Leno’s gesture was appreciated. Lora Walker, who lost her