Freelance Jobs

Everybody wants an easy second income. Getting some freelance jobs is obviously a better choice than go gambling. Apart from asking around your friends and neighborhood, searching a job online is the most sensible approach nowadays.

Since the turn of this millennium there had been tens of freelancer marketplaces sprung up. The market has been consolidated into two core types of job search marketplace.  Over the years there are only a dozen of so remain operating in international scale. Still a dozen is too many for one to explore all of them in details.

Surely you can always find a few free-to-join freelance marketplaces to join. You will spend hours on each site establishing your own portfolio, browse up and down the job lists, and than tender for jobs you like. But what kind of project quality you will expect from a paid-site versus to that of a free-site? If they are as good will the paid-sites stay for years?

You don’t want to spend days on a web site then find out you are working on a bogus project which the owner never pays. With this rationale we always suggest people to subscribe to only quality marketplace. Go Freelance is one living up to this quality framework. Posting a job is free so it gathers the momentum easily. More importantly it has a quality assurance process to screen out scam ads and bogus jobs.

Elance is the place to find clients who pay for great results

If you have skills and talent and want to work, Elance is the place to find clients who pay for great results. To-date Elancers have already delivered on projects worth more than US$298 million. You name it — from writing code, crafting a marketing plan, designing your website, managing your day-to-day schedule and a thousand other projects. Over 164,000 professionals have registered there as freelancers and made over US$1,800 per head. Quite a number of established perfomers are consistently booked for a quarter of work down the time line. If you see yourself can deliver quality service, you will get repeating jobs easily. The good news is there are demanding employers and their priority is more on quality while price comes as only a second consideration. So jobs are not aways won by people on cheapest rates.

What makes Elance stands out from its competitors is its commitment in maintaining rules and orders in the house. Elance is therefore able to attract serious employers and genuine projects. On the other hand Elance provides tools to freelancers to deliver and to communicate better. Elance offers a suite of tools to help make your work life as efficient as possible. Check it out here.