Funny, new website for your anecdotes: TJNTIY (they're just not that into you)

I recently posted a Q&A on LinkedIn asking “What have job
candidates done or said that blew their chances of getting hired?” and
received an astounding 40 answers. I could not believe the weird stuff
that recruiters and hiring managers said that candidates had done
during their interviews. It seemed to be something that recruiters and
hiring managers wanted to talk about . . . A LOT. And so with that I've
launched a new website called TJNTIY (they're just not that into you).

I figured a little levity could go a long way to get us through
economic hard times we all face. In anecdote after anecdote, you get to
hear how hiring managers assess and ultimately decide against a
candidate who could have been you or me. That insight, I hope, will
help candidates not make similar mistakes during their next job
interviews. TIY postings, on the other hand, will provide real-world
examples of things a candidate can say or do to get hired as in
“they're . . . into you”. And last . . .we also invite the anecdotes about
the clues from a potential employer that, when decoded, suggest they're just not that into you.

So please come. Read. Laugh a little. And then share . . . (those who are not logged in can post anonymously to the site.)

See you online!

Read the original here: The Investigative Recruiter