Genius Video of Faux Job Interview by a Smart Aleck Kid

Seriously. I want to hire this kid. And the agency that’s driving the Born to Consult campaign for Deloitte. And Deloitte. The company is ranked No. 9 on Fortune’s Most Desirable MBA Employers list. And upon viewing the video, it’s easy to understand why. They get it. The advertising campaign is designed to capture the attention of the mid-20s MBAers who spend most of their waking hours online. (A tip of the hat to The Recruiting Animal whose tweets brought the video to my attention.)

Deloitte’s Mini-Me seems an edgier, smart aleck version of the original Oscar Meyer kid. (According to one YouTube user, the “My bologna has a first name” boy is Andy Lambros, a Greek kid from Long Beach, CA — though not so much a child anymore since the video dates back to 1973:

If you want more of the Deloitte kid, run through the Q&A at the Deloitte portal. It’s so good, it kind of makes you wish you were an accountant . . .