Give Me a Reason to Believe!…from Your Neighborhood HR Manager

Dear Job Seekers,

My company is beginning to hire again and I want to hire you! But you have to help me! There are hundreds of candidates for each of my job openings so here’s some help:

– Keep that resume relevant and make sure I know what you are. I don’t care that you think you are a “highly-motivated” self starter with fantastic oral and written communication skills.” Are you in purchasing, sales, accounting or production? I could use some help here!

– Were you any good at those jobs on that resume? If all you provide is a job history with descriptions, oh you’ll qualify all right but so will half the world! So what are the odds of an invitation? Not a good as a coin toss. Are those odds good enough for you? They wouldn’t be for me!

– Stop with the point and click! Have a plan for your job search. If you know what you do and what you have to offer seek organizations who hire those positions and make yourself known. How, you ask? Go to LinkedIn and research! Ask folks you know who they know! But plan to pick up the phone. Computers never hired anyone!

– Interview uniquely! Understand that hiring is a result of messaging that which will motivate an employer to buy! If you simply deliver standard canned answers to my seemingly boring questions, why should I select you over others? If you can’t answer that one I sure can’t!

The key here? If you want my job offer know yourself enough to know what I need and how you can deliver. If you spend your time telling me what you want out of the next job I won’t buy it! If you connect with me by offering yourself as my solution you’ll rise above the rest!

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