Global Healthcare Provider Bupa Unleashes Employee Knowledge with Jive Social Software


PORTLAND, OR, May 28, 2009 – Jive, the Social
Business Software
leader, announced that Bupa is connecting its worldwide
network of employees to promote new initiatives and company values with Jive’s
Social Business Software platform.

Bupa is a leading health and care company with 52,000
employees and over 10 million customers in more than 190 countries. As Bupa
continues to expand into new markets, it has become increasingly important to
help connect its people around the world. Bupa plans to leverage Social Business
Software to provide a global network for its employees who can quickly find,
connect and engage with one another on crucial business

“With Jive, we are quickly creating a single network accessible to all our employees, allowing them to easily engage with one another and discuss important initiatives, while sharing their knowledge and years of
experience with colleagues across the globe,” said Andrew Easton, Head of
Architecture (Technology & Infrastructure) at Bupa.

The new site is open to all Bupa employees, allowing
them to self-register, create rich personal profiles, post blogs, start
discussions and form groups around topics of their choice. The social networking software
supports both structured conversations dedicated to Bupa’s five divisions and 20
individual business units, while also supporting ad-hoc connections between
employees across these business units. The result is an engaging and dynamic
employee community that will eventually serve as a training ground for new
employees to connect with partners and directly engage with

“Given the tough economic conditions, companies are
looking for ways to be more efficient,” said Dave Hersh, CEO, Jive Software. “As
a result, one of the top agenda items for forward-thinking companies is to
harness the collective intelligence of their employees through social business
software. By allowing its multiple business units to operate as a single
productive organization, Bupa is a shining example of this

Jive SBS is the industry's only suite of social business
applications purpose-built for Global 2000 enterprises. Jive's solutions go
beyond collaboration
, allowing people both inside and outside of the enterprise to
connect, communicate and collaborate like never before, reducing the cost, time
and risk required to produce business results.

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