Government in 'media drink too much' shocker!

It’s that time of year again, when the government (perhaps to detract from its own problems) decides to focus on other professions and their alcohol consumption. Call me a grumpy old cynic (all charges which I will happily accept), but can’t they find better ways to spend their money (think: schools, hospitals, old people)?

Do we really need a Department of Health survey to tell us that the media are the heaviest drinkers? (That said, I am almost impressed that my colleagues are, according to the report, each necking the equivalent of four bottles of wine or 19 pints of beer a week).

Media professionals drink a hefty 10 units a week more than the next biggest group, IT workers. Oddly, given the mess they’ve made of the economy, finance workers are only the fourth biggest drinking group.

The cynic in me wonders how much the Department of Health’s survey compilers drink, given that they have to come up with these statistics year after year after year ….

Source: Personnel Today