Hiring During Layoffs: Delicate Mission Requires a Sensitive Approach

Scenario: What to do if you have to layoff and hire at the same time

Layoffs are occurring with increasing frequently in the current economic environment.  However, that doesn’t mean those same companies have stopped hiring. As companies brace to withstand the cold economic winds that blow, they frequently need to hire critically important talent at the same time they let other people go.  Yet, to do both so publicly risks accusations of being cruel and unfair, if not Machiavellian, to recently downsized employees.

That is why so many companies canceled their parties this past Holiday Season.  It just didn’t seem right to celebrate when so many valued team members had just been let go.   It is at these critical junctures that search firms offer a much needed veil of confidentiality and discretion to fill the openings that occur during periods of corporate downsizing.

If you must hire while you layoff:

  • Avoid having your company’s recruiters conduct the search.  Caller ID and call backs will make it impossible for you to keep the search off-radar.
  • Avoid retained search firms.  The cost of a single retained search can easily pay the annual salary of a staff member you just downsized.
  • Avoid contingency firms.  They are nearly as costly as retained and their transactional approach does not offer the discretion required.
  • Search firms that offer unbundled services offer the most cost-effective solution, however make sure the service offers high-touch concierge-quality care.

As long as your company is in business, it will need people to get the work done.  But challenging times call for a more strategic approach to recruiting positioned ahead of the curve.  Downsizing alone is a drag on a company’s brand as an employer-of-choice.  It is important not add fuel to the fire by being insensitive to how your actions might be interpreted by those who were just shown the door.

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