How about keeping in touch?

The typical sales and marketing approach to new customers compared to existing customers never changes.  Too much focus on new and not enough on the old i.e. those that have given you money and would give you more if you kept in touch.  None of us are perfect including me.

Maybe if recruiters were allowed to keep in touch with new hires they would get a few more referrals but instead they are always dealing with new applications from Mr Job Board and anyway, they just don't have time.

But, with automation comes new opportunities and the same way that marketeers are learning to automate communication with customers the same approach can be used for new hires.  Imagine having a fully automated referral programme that requires almost zero effort from a recruiter but develops a talent pool of fresh new employee referrals.  Interested in knowing more?  Register for my breakfast seminar and I'll tell you more!

P.S. It's free to attend but for employers only.

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