How to get your job advert noticed! Maybe too radical for some?

I am doing some research on store manager recruiting and if you search a few of the job boards, or Google for a store manager job, there are way too many to get yours to stand out.

Some obvious tips:

  • Get the location in the advert title.
  • Get you company name in the title.
  • Yep, get the job title in the job title.

The above ideas are relevant particularly when thinking about natural search; some of the “old guru’s” would suggest a flamboyant, sexy sounding job title so you stand out in a big long list of similar jobs.  Valid point if you are relying purely on job boards but even then it is hard to stand out.  No longer will a sensible job seeker search a generic title only for a high volume role particularly if they do not want to travel too far; so the location becomes quite critical.  Also, even if I drill down to location it is still hard to find a job and if you go onto Google the search results are mainly links to job boards and, the homepage rather than a specific job.

Lighthouse job

Basically, to find a job is not that easy so making yours easy to find is that much harder.  So apart from SEO, SEM, SMO, job boards etc here’s a great “new” idea for you to try.

Stick an advert in your store window:

This store is looking for a Store Manager – apply within, right here, right now.

Radical I know but on the basis that local traffic is free, your window is competition free (I know product gets priority) what have you got to lose?  Local people, local jobs.

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