How will the Kindle DX change job advertising?


I remember when Peoplebank positioned their ability to display online job adverts that looked like a print advert as a real USP (which it was at the time).  Was if of any value?  Some liked it but as online has moved on fewer (but not all) people expect an online job advert to look/behave like a print advert.

But if the Kindle DX is going to change this then maybe the advertising agencies need to beef up their creative skills once again.

I know the Kindle DX has only just been launched but I'd suggest in the same way that Apple changed the way people buy music, Amazon may just be able to do the same for print.  There are not yet adverts on the Kindle (from what I've read) but the media barons need the advertising dollars/pounds/euros to survive and will find a way of getting them in there.  And this also means job ads as well.

Looks like we could go round in a bit of a circle as the Kindle does not 'plan' to offer full Internet browsing so it will feel more like reading a paper so applying for that job there and then may or not be a simple process.  Or will it?

Imagine if you could utilise the job basket functionality that Amazon does include in the Kindle for buying content.  Then add in your choice of profile e.g. Linkedin and the apply process should happen because it is all “connected in the cloud”.  This could put print style creative work back in vougue, tied to simple apply automation for the candidate for the specific job without leaving the page and a highly targeted ad platform for recruiters.  Media barons could potentially get back to the old days of expensive print style adverts with much better reporting data for customers.

Jeff Bezos used the web to reinvent the book business; maybe he can do it again for print?

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